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Sketching Mont Martre!

Today I am sketching the Mont Martre page where Francois grows front legs and is able to paint a picture with Claude at Mont Martre! It will be fun to put wool to this! The lighting will be very interesting-there is a lot of pink in Mont Martre and I am going to really accentuate that, both in the day time picture and the evening one. This page will be different from many of the pages in that Francois is on the land and there is no reflections in water, which have been on almost every page so far.

I am trying to stay on target for finishing end of June while not pushing myself to rush and not do my best work. One of the hard things about art, I think, is that you never really feel like a piece is "done." There is always tweaking to do and it is sometimes hard to just say, "It's done!"

I love how this project reminds me of my travels to France and makes me feel almost like I'm there! I hope this book will give others a little taste of the magical scenes of France as they read it to a child!

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