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Antoinette Eel and Marie Antoinette's Hamlet-pg 5 done

Well, mostly done. Every time I see a page photographed, I see so many things that need to be fixed. But I am fearfully and excitedly completing this project! I think art takes far more courage than a lot of things. I was listening to Seth Godin today and he is so inspiring! He said to just make something every day. There is no writer's block, there is no waiting for inspiration. The only block is fear of not doing it well enough. I can pick this page apart, but that wouldn't make it better. I prefer to just do what I can to the best of my ability and see what happens! I think Calvin will like it and he is who I am doing it for! I think other children will like it too-if I'm honest it's the adults' judgement of my abilities that makes me afraid to finish but I will just ignore that. Those thoughts come from ego and not love. I am making this book for love. For love of Calvin, for love of Kennedy, for love of all children, for love of art, for love of nature, for love of Paris...those are all really good reasons to keep going.

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