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Bonjour Francois!


Bonjour Francois! is a book about the life cycle of a frog, France, friends and Growing up! It is illustrated in felt giving it a very unique look! Moms and dads get to see the beautiful sights of Paris, France and little ones follow Francois and his friends' adventures and learn how to say Hello! In French!

About the Author

Melanie draws on her experience as an often alone mother of 4, School music teacher, homeschool mom, Professional musician, performer and costume designer to help moms help their children do life well in an atmosphere of joy and delight.

She helps moms overcome the overwhelm, stress and loneliness that often accompanies raising young children.


She offers picture books designed to delight and teach as well as detailed, simple, and fun craft plans and developmentally appropriate learning activities so that moms can be confident and intentional about raising kind, happy children while developing strong relationships with them and having a blast at the same time!

Through her books, podcast and YouTube channel, Melanie can help any mom beat overwhelm and frustration to raise happy, kind little people and get things done in an atmosphere of peace and joy!


"I read Bonjour Francois to my granddaughter and I wish I would have recorded her reactions! She was drawn in emotionally and made faces and exclamations and followed it captivated! And it's deep philosophically for big people too!"

I love this sweet story about friendship, acceptance and self-discovery. Little ones can journey along with Francois the frog, as he grows and meets friends along the way. They help him discover more than just who he is but also how wonderful it is to have friends of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. There is also the treat of learning how to say “Hello” in French. Bonjour Francois is a book that children and adults will enjoy reading together.

Laura Monica, You Tuber, Fitness professional, mom and grandma

Karen Arnold Girard

Preschool director

"Bonjour Francois!" is fresh and fun,  and it naturally leads the child to anticipate the next page, and then the next, and then, POW, it happens (you''l see!) Before you even realize it, your child has not only been tickled by this charming story, but has also learned something about a little frog's lifecycle as well! I loved it!"


Cheri Garlinger

children's magazine author

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